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Is Your Character Doing it for You?

We have all often heard it said that talent, gifting and calling may get us where we want to go but it is character that keeps us there. Jesus had a proven character (Heb 4:15). He exhorted us to be perfect just like God is perfect (Matt 5:48) and God himself said we should be holy as he is holy (1 Peter 1:16). Paul was able to say follow me as I follow Christ (1 Cor 11:1). Jesus said I only do what the Father gives me to do (John 8:28).

It seems to me that character is basically rooted in obedience to God. Jonah was a prophet called of God but he objected to taking a message of warning to an evil nation and decided to disobey God. God got his (Jonah’s) attention by getting him thrown into the sea and into the belly of a whale; Jonah was still unhappy when God forgave that nation (The book of Jonah). You would have to say that Jonah had a character or obedience problem.

Abraham on the other hand obeyed God’s command to go and sacrifice his (Abraham’s) son. Once God saw Abraham’s obedience he intervened, before Abraham killed Isaac and provided a ram for the sacrifice. (Gen 22) The place where this all occurred was the same mountain on which God allowed his only son, Jesus, to go to the cross. Jesus was obedient even to death upon a cross (Phil 2:8).

Peter tells us we can be: “partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4; KJV). He also tells us that God’s power, the power of the Holy Spirit, can enable us to walk in Godliness through our knowledge of Jesus the word (2 Peter 1:3). So, let’s get into our bibles and allow the Holy Spirit to show us how to walk in obedience to God. To obey God is to obey his commands and directives seen throughout the bible. Study the life of Jesus and of the great men and women of the bible; follow them as they followed God. Character will keep you where you want to be.

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