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Are You a Peacemaker?

Are you a peacemaker or dose strife characterize your relationship with others? Peace in relationships is a state of freedom from strife; a presence of harmony and tranquility; sound good? In Matthew chapter 5, verse 9 it says: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God”. The Psalmist King David exhorted us to; “seek peace and pursue it” (Ps 34:14) and the apostle Paul instructed that, if at all possible, we should live at peace with others (Rom 12:18).

Wow, God must put a high value on peace and those who propagate it. To be blessed is to walk in the fullness and assurance of salvation despite what maybe going on around us. James tells us that: “peacemakers, who sow in peace, raise a harvest of righteousness”. Righteousness is simply right standing with God.

Our God is a God of peace and he causes it to grow in us by the Holy Spirit. (Gal 5:22). Strife is not fun, seek peace with all people and aim to live at peace (Rom 12:17-18; James 3:18). Not everyone will accept your peacemaking (James 3:18; Rom 12:18) but that is their issue. You cooperate with God and let him make you a peacemaker. Walk in Gods peace and blessedness.

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